JMNZ Jewellery

The perfect accessory for every outfit and adorned with truly original Kiwiana imagery, each of our jewellery pieces uses a variety of techniques including anodizing, laser cutting and printing before being hand finished at our Kumeu base.

All of our earrings, pendants/necklaces and smaller cuffs are gift packed in our distinct JMNZ jewellery boxes. 


We use Sterling silver hooks, surgical steel studs for our earrings, both nickel free. Chain and clasps used on our necklaces are brass based with a brass plating, darkened to give them the warm rich colour.


 ‘How should you care for your JMNZ Aluminium jewellery?’ – Our collections are innovative yet simple, they’re also simple to care for! Just store your cherished piece in its box. Surfaces can be wiped if needed with a cloth and detergent. 


Soulmate Pine Wood

New to our range, we’ve introduced a light weight Pine which is printed and cut to shape before being hand pieced together at JMNZ HQ. These are incredibly light weight pieces, easy to wear and very hard wearing.

Wood Veneer

We use Poplar Timber Veneer that has been selectively logged from sustainably managed forests, it is reconstituted, dyed, laminated and resliced which makes it flexible and hard wearing. Laser cut and paired with our anodized aluminium pieces this jewellery really is our most “Poplar” – (sorry, couldn’t help the pun!)

Anodised Aluminium

What is anodized aluminium? Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface of the aluminium into a decorative, durable, corrosion resistant finish.

With this special technique the pores of the aluminium are opened and dye is applied, once dry the aluminium is further processed with the pores being closed and the image sealed.

With every one of our aluminium pieces the image will not wash or rub off.