Ponga Cuff

Ponga Cuff
  • Printed anodized alumium - Light weight - Durable corrosion resistant finish - Hand crafted - Image will not wash or rub off

New Zealand’s moist forests are ideal fern habitat and a whopping 200 species grow here.  And none are more famous or prized than our Silver Fern!  “Ponga” to the Maori who used it as food, medicine and building material :-)   In more recent years Silver fern has come to represent the sporting spirit of New Zealand and this distinctly New Zealand symbol is worn like a badge of honour by the people, products and services of this great country.

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  • Cuff - Ponga print - Original JMNZ design - Proudly NZ Made
  • 160x37mm


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  • Ponga Earrings
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  • Ponga Infinity Scarf
    NZ$ 74.75
    NZ$ 65.00 excl GST
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  • Indahood Ponga Scarf
    NZ$ 145.48
    NZ$ 126.50 excl GST
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NZ$ 24.29 excluding GST
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