Hairclips Pacific - Laser Cut Veener

Hairclips Pacific - Laser Cut Veener
  • Laser cut wood veneer upon aluminium base - Hand pieced together

Tribal Is one of our designs inspired by Ta Moko – which is the permanent body and face marking by Māori. Traditionally it is distinct from tattoo in that the skin was carved by uhi (chisels) rather than punctured.

Taniko (or taaniko) Is a traditional weaving technique of Māori, resulting in bands of weaving that adorn traditional cloaks.

Patiki A pattern used within Māori design it resembles the diamond shape of the Flounder and symbolizes generosity of women providing for her whole Iwi (tribe) and an acknowledgement to the work of her Tane (Man).

Pacific Our Pacific Range blends traditional New Zealand and South Pacific designs with our contemporary techniques. 

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  • Hairclip -

Frangipani - Pacific - Tribal - Taniko - Wave - Patiki

Original JMNZ designs - Proudly NZ Made

  • 98x37mm


  • Our collections are innovative yet simple, they’re also simple to care for! Just store your cherished piece in its box. Surfaces can be wiped if needed with a cloth and detergent. 
  • Wood Veneer Wide Cuffs Range
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