Soulmate Botanical Small Oval

Soulmate Botanical Small Oval
  • Light weight printed and shaped timber - Sterling silver hooks - Hand pieced together - Available in a JMNZ jewellery box

Our Soulmate range is a beautiful vibrant collection consisting of Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings, suitable for all seasons of the year. Using Pine wood with beautiful botanical imagery taken from collectable cards of the early19th century they make for extremely light, comfortable and head turning wear. Additionally each piece can be flipped exposing its Soulmate, revealing intricate illustrations inspired by Victorian styled wallpaper. Two looks for the price of one!

Want to know more? You'll find the full story of materials used in JMNZ Jewellery

  • Earring - Botanical Imagery from the 19th Century backed with Victorian styled wallpapers - Original JMNZ design - Proudly NZ Made
  • 17 x 19mm


  • Our collections are innovative yet simple, they’re also simple to care for! Surfaces can be wiped if needed with a cloth and detergent. 

  • Soulmate Botanical Bracelet
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  • Soulmate Botanical Multidrop Necklace
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